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T.E.A.M. Approach

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Let’s Explore with the Common Core!

Fun, interactive, and hands-on
Parent Awareness Events

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“Let’s Explore with the Common Core”

School + Community = Success

Call today to book a Common Core Awareness Event right at your school!

Students, accompanied by their parents or guardian, are invited to attend this 90 minute hands-on Common Core awareness session. The participants will be engaged in many learning activities based on the new Common Core Math and Language Arts Standards.

All of our parent evening programs are student and parent centered, hands-on, practical and fun!   

Common Core Parent Awareness Night Grades 3-8
  • Fun, interactive, and hands-on to include NJ ASK strategies
  • Student and parent centered format
  • Held at your location
  • An overview of  the New Common Core State Standards
  • Focus on Mathematics and/or Language Arts
  • Presented by a state certified, experienced teacher
  • Test question types are explored
  • 90 minute Power Point Presentation
Ask us about Common Core Family Fun Night for Grades K-2
  • A series of evening programs designed for grades K-2
  • Actively engaging  parent  and child  
  • Hands-on math and language arts activities and strategies
  • Created for at home practice and lots of fun!

Let’s Explore with the Common Core Parent Awareness Night!

As experienced, professional educators, we believe that parent awareness is one of the key factors in student success. Most parents have little knowledge or understanding of the new Common Core State Standards and assessment requirements.  It is essential to include programs in schools that allow opportunities for families to become more involved in their child’s education and support your teachers and curriculum. Our program provides standards-based games and activities that actively involve students, along with their parents, in the learning process while helping to prepare for success on the NJ ASK. The students are participating in our educational and valuable activities and the parents gain a better understanding of the state standardized assessment.   We hope to educate parents so that their awareness can be a contributing factor in student success.  Our programs help to minimize anxiety over standardized testing, by increasing understanding of the purpose of the new Common Core and the connection to the NJ ASK.

Please contact us for pricing and scheduling your school's
"Common Core Parent Awareness Night"
 for the upcoming school year!

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