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T.E.A.M. Approach

Take the T.E.A.M. Approach with NJT2T! Effectively Connecting
Teachers to Students. 

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Let’s Explore with the Common Core!

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Effectively Connecting Teachers to Students

T.E.A.M. - Training, Executing, Analyzing and Monitoring


Enhancing teacher quality

by refining instructional practices at the classroom level. Our work supports all levels of learners, as we combine content knowledge with pedagogy in all areas, from the NJ Core Curriculum Standards to effective classroom philosophies.

Executing: NJT2T experienced presenters will demonstrate effective classroom practices right before your eyes! These demonstration lessons include a pre and post meeting with small groups of grade level teachers. These small, collaborative groups will ensure smooth transitions for teachers, as they synthesize new strategies with our TEAM.

Analyzing: Let NJ T2T bridge the gap between teacher and student achievement. By first identifying problems of practice, we work as a team to implement proven effective instructional strategies.

Monitoring: NJ T2T provides on-going follow up to support continuing the student-teaching connection. This may include attendance at Professional learning community meetings, additional coaching, mentoring, demonstrating, classroom visits, etc.

The New Jersey Teacher 2 Teacher T.E.A.M. Design

Day 1
  • An introduction to NJ Teacher 2 Teacher, our consultants and our goals. Open communication with teachers, coaches, supervisors and administrators focused on school-based goals.
  • Preliminary action plan designed for instituting ongoing, standards based professional development, including various models and methods of professional learning.
  • The classroom walk-through approach is our preliminary introduction to the classroom.
  • Documented observations by our qualified coaches will be utilized to recognize common classroom practices and later as an assessment of growth and change at the classroom level.
Day 2 (or on-going)
  • Teacher-centered, quality professional development training based on current, research-based best practices.
  • Training sessions are standards-based, hands-on and practical.
  • Our engaging sessions include teacher friendly activities, lessons, and practices that are designed for immediate implementation into classrooms.
Day 3 (or on-going)
  • Classroom demonstration lessons provided by our professional consultants. Using strategies introduced in the training sessions, our professional coaches come into classrooms and conduct student-centered lessons. Your grade level teachers/coaches, etc. will observe the model lesson.
  • All demonstration lessons will include a pre-meeting and a post-meeting. This successful discussion format allows for lesson overview, teacher questions and articulation, and a debriefing of the lesson teachers observed.
  • Our trained consultants provide follow-up visits right in the classroom! Our coaches walk through classrooms, focusing on evidence that the teachers have implemented and applied strategies. Teachers will receive positive praise, constructive feedback for their efforts and suggestions will be made.

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