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What educators in NJ are saying about our professional development

Slackwood Elementary, Principal, Jay Billy

 "...she has helped to transform out writing program from a hodge-podge of writing practices into a solid, research based writer’s workshop model. 

I would highly recommend New Jersey Teacher to Teacher and Darlene Prott for any of your professional consultation and workshop needs. "

Clifton Public Schools-Valerie L. Kropinack, Ed.D.

 "...Ms. Frederick was contracted to work for our district as a presenter in the area of Wilson Fundations and Early Literacy. She is extremely knowledgeable, comes well-prepared and provided a variety of hands on learning experiences. Ms. Frederick has a high level of professionalism and integrity, attributes that we look for when hiring an outside vendor. "

Edith Conroy, Superintendent, Farmingdale Public School

"...From the outset of working with them, I was impressed with their interpersonal skills as well as their collaborative and coaching style. Their style can be defined as student focused, cooperative, upbeat and consensus-oriented. They immediately developed positive relationships with staff, administrators and students, seeking to understand other perspectives so that they could respond and provide support in a way that encourages solutions and collaboration."

Merita Euell, Instructional Coach, AVS Elementary School, Perth Amboy

"Katie is continuously providing meaningful feedback to teachers and implementing best practices through her extraordinary presentations at the school and district levels, along with coaching and modeling in classrooms. It is evident that her work ethics are impeccable and astounding. Mrs. Portela has a remarkable and resilient demeanor and she is well liked by the students and the staff of the school. She collaborates well with administration and keeps all abreast of trends that are evident within the building. "

Cory Radisch, Principal, Matawan-Aberneen Middle School

"These two presenters were engaging, approachable, flexible, and passionate. They provided a demonstration lesson that provided professional development right in the workplace, not just in a workshop. Our teachers were able to observe the successful strategies and benefits of co-teaching."

Letizia Pantoliano, Ed.D., Superintendent, Bogota Public Schools

"Teachers who once resisted the workshop model, now are enthusiastic about teaching literacy.  This was, in part, due to Anna's continued commitment to providing resources and support."